Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems are now cost effective for any sized site

Ideally, a building owner would never need to upgrade their emergency lighting system. In a perfect world, every device in the building (emergency lights, general lighting, exit signs, and extinguishers) would last forever.

But unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. You might need to upgrade your system after a few years, or a few decades, it all depends on whether your existing system is doing its job. How do you know?

Here are some signs you might need to upgrade:

  • You’re unsure if your building is compliant and there’s no log of past testing/maintenance work
  • Your costs to manage, maintain, and test your system are comparatively high and increasing over time
  • You’re finding it hard to find replacement parts for your system or software upgrades because they’re no longer supported
  • Problems with your system take forever to get fixed
  • Your lamps and/or batteries are an older style that need replacing every year or so
  • Your facilities management team are struggling to stay on top of testing/maintenance requirements due to manual processes
  • Your team aren’t sure how your system works because training and support is minimal

Upgrading emergency lighting is more cost-effective than you think

Things have changed a lot in the last few years and a new emergency lighting system is now more cost effective that ever to replace your old inefficient system. Your new system parts will also last 3-4 times longer, is likely to use less energy, have a lower impact on the environment, plus require minimal wiring and controllers.

So, what are your options when choosing the right sized system for your site?

The best emergency lighting system will depend on a range of factors, but usually it comes down to the size of your site.  We have options suitable for large and small sites.

Big Or Complex Sites

All buildings can upgrade more easily and cost-effectively with Zoneworks XT HIVE. This system shines when it comes to bigger and more complex buildings, which are typically expensive and time-consuming to upgrade. You don’t have to buy a huge number of controllers (just one per 1,000 fittings).

Smaller Sites

XT HIVE really is perfect for big buildings with a large number of fittings, but smaller sites benefit equally. This especially applies to aged care or nursing homes where multiple sites are looked after by the same maintenance contractor. Instead of inspecting each site individually, your contractor can test all the sites at once, determine what parts to order, then come pre-prepared with any replacement fittings. It’s much more efficient and inexpensive.

But what if HIVE isn’t the best solution for your small site? 

For some smaller sites that don’t need large-scale networks, it will be more cost-effective to use the Clevertest Plus System which is a perfect lightweight solution for sites like service stations, small retail shops, small factory units, and warehouses. Not only is installation fast and simple, but your facilities management contractor will find it quick and easy to manage your sites.

What about technical support?

When you choose Clevertronics, you get Advantage Lifetime Support (ALS), which means we’re here to help with training and support (at no extra cost) for as long as your emergency lighting system is installed.

No matter your building size, we can help

Stop paying high maintenance costs and stop risking your compliance with an older emergency lighting system. No matter how big or small your building, there’s a new system to suit your needs and save you money. Across the 1,300+ systems we’ve installed throughout Australia and New Zealand (including Sydney Opera House and most major hospitals), we’ve found cost savings for our clients.