Flameproof Motors for Hazardous Sites now in New Zealand from Orange 1 Group

A series of Aluminium motors which are completely modular. The feet and flanges can be mounted without affecting the Ex-type of protection. Applying feet and flanges it is possible to realize every requested mounting arrangement and this operation can be made without any problem for ATEX and IECEx motor approval.

Main features

Orange 1 Ex electric motors are manufactured and tested in compliance with all the EN/IES standards and also in compliance with the main European Directives.

Presence of GAS:
• Type of protection
• GAS group
• Temperature class
• Ambient temperature range

Zone 1 Zone 2:
• ‘Ex db’ or ‘Ex dbeb’
• IIC (Suitable IIB and IIA)
• T3, T4 E T5 (Suitable also for T2, T1)
• -40°C +60°C for temperature class T3
• -40°C +60°C for temperature class T4
• -40°C +60°C for temperature class T5

Performance Plus

The IP Degrees of protection of the motor comply with IEC/EN 60034-5 and EN60259

Insulation class All the motors have an insulation class F in compliance with IEC/EN 60034-1.

Winding Made using enamelled copper wires are insulated with two layers (Insulation class H). They are painted with another layer of varnish and then placed in an oven for drying. It is also possible to tropicalize the windings using special additional varnish with high hygroscopic characteristics to be used in places with Humidity >60%.

Frame (In compliance with EN 50347). Die-cast with high mechanical strength, with a good thermal conductivity and light weight. The feet can be mounted on the motor frame in 3 different positions, on the bottom or on the left side.

Flanges and Shields (In compliance with EN 503471). Die-cast aluminium, with dimensions as per standard IEC 60072-1, or with special shapes on request: The motor is completely modular so that the flanges can be mounted or removed depending on the needs without affecting the Ex type of protection (as the flange is mounted on the front side).

Anti-Condensation Heater For motors installed in cold and wet places, with significant temperature ranges. Moisture condensation can be dangerous for resistance of the winding insulation. Upon request, we can apply appropriate heaters directly on the heads of windings. The terminals are connected to a terminal board inside the connection box of the motor.

PT100 Is a device that increases its resistance according to the increase of temperature. It is useful for continuous measuring of the winding temperature, when properly connected to an electronic equipment.

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