Getting Started with PDC’s

Onboard Switchboard Range

PDC, with a long history in both designing and manufacturing switchboard systems, have fulfilled a need in the commercial and industrial switchboard market across New Zealand with their new Onboard Range. PDC’s goal with this new range is to provide a large range of electrical solutions, with both high-quality design and manufacture but within a tighter time frame.

Working closely with the electrical industry, feedback on quoted switchboards kept bringing the same frustrations to the table; the process to quote and manufacture bespoke boards was too time consuming. With a general design and quote taking 48 hours, electricians were left unable to start a job for days or weeks while the quoting and manufacturing process took place. PDC changed this with the OnBoard range. Taking a selection of the most common requirements and formulating a range to fill these needs, the vast majority of boards that would need custom quoting are now able to be priced in seconds.

Using local in-house manufacturing and assembly, PDC is able to ensure standard board sizes are stocked, and custom componentry added on request, cutting lead times even further.

The OnBoard switchboard range comes in two standard depths; 250mm and 165mm. These options allow for the majority of installation requirements. There are an array of standard configurations, with most boards coming with a high-quality chassis and options for metering space or control space. There is ample room for tailing down or adding cable duct. Where isolators, MCCBs or loadbreaks are required, trusted ABB brand product is supplied with the range. The range is tailored to suit complex retail and commercial applications, as well as small residential units.

Additional meter, lighting, and wiring kits make installation easy as they are bundled as all-in-one solutions.

The OnBoard range is available at your local Powerbase wholesaler, with common switchboard configurations on the shelf. With some units also already including relevant ABB equipment to pair with your switchboard, as well as wholesalers stocking our ABB range to suit your varied project needs, PDC can ensure you meet your deadline.

If your project requires something more bespoke or you wish to adjust one of the boards in the Onboard Range, one of our two switchboard building workshops in Auckland and Christchurch can accommodate these requirements for you.

Our in-house team can quote and build to any specification you may need, all right here in New Zealand.