Philips Eye Comfort

Switch to light that’s easy on your eyes

Gone are the days where a simple batten holder with a 60W or 100W incandescent globe in the centre of a room is considered good enough. The proliferation of LED lighting at an ever more affordable cost has caused a revolution in how we light our spaces. And with it the focus is slowly but surely shifting away from purely functional lighting to the overall quality of lighting.

In recognition of these shifts in the lighting market, Philips Lighting has invested R&D in not just making better quality lighting, but lighting that is easier on the eyes.

To be Eye-Comfort standards compliant lighting products need to meet important criteria;

  • flicker
  • glare
  • stroboscopic effect
  • photobiological safety
  • dimmable
  • tuning / colour rendering

Flicker and Strobe

Some LEDs may appear to flicker or produce a stroboscopic effect. This could cause distraction, irritation and affect certain health conditions. In an industrial environment it is a well known danger around rotating equipment as well as contributing to a range of health conditions.


Some LED lights produce light in an uncomfortable glary way, where it is difficult to see due to the brightness of the light. This could cause visual discomfort and even headaches.

Photobiological safety

Concerning photobiological safety, our LEDs are not different from traditional incandescent lamps. They do not contain higher amounts of short wavelength light which can cause blue light hazard and fall well within safety standards.

Colour Rendering

Colour rendering refers to how well a light source renders colour, not all LED’s are created the same, many lower cost LED lighting solutions are cheaper precisely because they do not render the environment in “full colour”. EyeComfort LEDs have a high Colour Rendering Index, meaning that your home’s furnishings appear in high definition and true colour.


Many LEDs emit just one ‘colour temperature’ – such as warm white or cool daylight – which means you cannot change the mood in a room.

However, tunable EyeComfort LEDs allow you to adjust the colour temperature. That lets you select an invigorating cool light in the mornings for instance, or a cozy warm light at night.


Some people find that LEDs produce an irritating hum. This is caused by the way the bulbs use electricity to emit light.

EyeComfort LEDs were designed to eliminate audible noise so that you can work, study and play without any distractions.


Some ‘dimmable’ LEDs of lower quality tend to flicker when you turn the light down.

Our EyeComfort LEDs use smart electronic design so that you can create the perfect ambiance and enjoy a gentle solution for your eyes.