The Smart Solution for Charging Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging is now a lot more user-friendly following the release of the VIARIS range of residential, commercial and public charging stations by New Zealand agents, Eurotec Ltd.

All VIARIS models incorporate the Smart Modulation System which automatically increases or decreases the transfer of power to the electric vehicle depending on the variable loads drawn at the time by other power users at the same location. In this way you can achieve the highest recharge in the shortest possible time without exceeding the contracted power.

The range includes three models: VIARIS UNI, VIARIS COMBI+ and VIARIS CITY for residential, commercial, and public applications. The chargers integrated Wifi module (ethernet and GSM also available) and free VIARIS app allow you to remotely program and control the charger from your smartphone. You can easily access records of recharges with date, start time, duration and energy consumed per user. The app also enables scheduling to take advantage of off-peak power rates.

The VIARIS UNI charging station can charge any electric vehicle from cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles, and plug-in-hybrids in private spaces and are compatible with all EV brands on the road. It offers streamlined design, simplicity, and user friendliness with WIFI communications and easy installation. The VIARIS UNI is ideal for residential installations such as in garages of single-family or community homes. VIARIS COMBI+ is the smart solution for charging electric and plug-in hybrids and is suitable for commercial, retrofit, and new build applications, and the VIARIS CITY is ideal for outdoor use in public environments. Also in the range is the VIARIS Tester, an EV specific power system tester enabling functions of EV chargers to be tested by simulating the connection of an electric vehicle. It can be used in electric vehicle charging station installations in homes, apartment blocks, car parks, office buildings and vehicle fleets.

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