Global Solution, Locally Made

XL³ -DO Low Voltage, Main Switchboard.

New custom-made switchboard solutions brought to market.

Trical Manufacturing are now providing more flexible and powerful switchboard solutions for consultant engineers to specify and commercial electrician’s to make Trical their trusted choice in main switchboards for medium to large projects. The latest solution has been industrialised in Wiri, Auckland at Trical by adopting the latest switchboard designs from its parent company, The Legrand Group. This innovation in the NZ market was brought about by the vision of Legrand NZ Country Manager, Jeff Butler. Jeff says:

“We have locally adopted the Intellectual Property for the international Legrand XL³-DO range at Trical Manufacturing. It took two years to transfer the knowledge from the group R&D to the local team and the result is a fantastic solution for electrical contractors requiring powerful main switchboards. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge machinery to locally manufacture the metalwork for these low voltage main switchboards.”

This latest innovation in board design is manufactured and verified to AS/NZS 61439. This new modular solution is purpose-designed for custom switch-boards rated between 800 and 6300 amps and has been designed by Legrand to the latest IEC switchboard standard.

Trical’s General Manager Bryn Williams says:

“The XL³-DO solution is fully verified to AS/NZS 61439. The range is fully modular and offers a very flexible design. Ease of installation is at the heart of the product with side-by-side and back to-back panel configurations available and tested from the outset. It is designed to easily integrate with other group solutions and products such as Zucchini busbar”
Being locally manufactured reduces long lead times and creates cost savings. Trical produce all metalwork while the power distribution products are supplied by Legrand, including ACB’s for power intensive applications. Busduct integration is also available for transport and distribution of energy. The Trical engineering team are available to help with planning and design of custom switchboards and service plans are available with annual switchboard maintenance.

“By introducing the new XL³-DO offer we are providing an extra option for engineers and electricians looking for a premium solution that’s fit for purpose. Being entirely New Zealand made, this all comes at a competitive price and backed with local support.”

Because Trical is prefabricating all the modular metalwork components for each cabinet, they are in control of the supply chain and do not have to wait on a third party for supply. Other specifications for the XL3-DO include max insulation voltage (Ui) – 1000 V, rated Impulse Voltage (Uimp) – 12 kV and 1s short term current (Icw) – 100 kA, protection against internal arc – 85 kA for 0.4 s and form of separation up to 4b.

“If we are getting low on any part, we just make more. This includes components from the busbar supports to the plastic moulded components – If it is in the switchboard, we make it. This creates more jobs for Kiwis and more certainty of supply for projects. It also means we can pass on savings and a more competitive price.”

If you’d like to know more about XL³-DO solution from Legrand or custom made switchboards from Trical you can contact