Thermo Clip™ Series

Quick and Simple Indication

Extended periods of down time locating unexpected faults and the burden on production of unexpected break downs are a costly and stressful part of business.

Routine maintenance programmes help reduce these occurrences, but the ones you can’t predict can sometimes cause lengthy delays while the source is located and repaired. ThermoClips from IRISS can change all of that.

Serving as an overtemperature indicator on electrical assets, these low cost, easily installed clips provide a permanent colour changing visual indicator of an overtemperature situation. When used in tandem with the large format windows also from IRISS as part of the visual component in the inspection process, they are the perfect solution to quick fault finding. Between routine infrared and ultrasound inspections, these clips offer a back up to monitoring assets for any degradation and overheating. Using a patented Thermochromic technology, these non-conductive clips not only allow for identification of a terminal fault, they can also allow inspectors to see a permanent record of overtemperature excursions in intermittently loaded systems.

ThermoClip’s are designed so that each model fits a range of wire diameters, including insulation. The indicators are not wire size specific they are wire diameter specific! Above are details for each Indicator clip and the diameter range (inches and millimeters) on which it can be used.

Customers generally know the wire sizes they’re working with, so the handy size range chart from IRISS outlined below helps them select the correct ThermoClip for the application. Please note, this selection chart is based on typical wire types/insulations and may not provide the right selection in all cases.

If in doubt check the Outside Diameter specification of the wire you are using and select the appropriate model of ThermoClip.

Prevention is the best course of action but when there is no warning or there is an intermittent fault, ThermoClips will allow fast easy identification of the problem and allow repairs to be made quickly.